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Freedom Farm and Stables

Empowerment and True Connection through the Way of the Horse

Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning



Working with these magnificent animals in a safe, non-threatening way, we gain valuable life skills to live more authentically in our everyday lives. Discovering ever higher potentials within ourselves allows us to go past surviving to thriving, build healthy relationships, and empowers us to bring new understandings of what it means to be consensual leaders into our communities. This work is for everyone: Families, community organizations, businesses, or individuals looking for alternative ways to enhance and bring more meaning to their lives, cooperation and connection to their groups or families, motivation for teams to be more innovative and productive. Anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life in one way or another., or for those who feel lost, or struggle to find peace in an ever-changing world. 

Programs focus on, but are not limited to:

· Mastering healthy boundaries and assertiveness

· Understanding emotions as information

· Exploring techniques for staying calm and centered

· Non-verbal communication

· Leadership skills and Authentic Community Building 

· Holding sacred space where horse and human thrive

This work is based on the Eponaquest Worldwide model, I apprenticed at their headquarters in Arizona under Linda Kohanov, founder and bestselling author of The Power of the Herd, The Tao of Equus, and her new book, The Five Roles of the Master Herder, among others. To learn more about Linda, her work and her books, go to eponaquest.com. 

No horse experience necessary, and all work is done from the ground. Contact me for more information.

 ½ day sessions $90.00; Full day sessions, $150.00; 2 day workshops $295.00. Sessions are tailored for the needs of those involved. For more information, or to set a date, contact me. 

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Restorative Energy Work



I work with our spirit guides, yours and mine, the life energies that flow through us, and unconditional love, the essence of who we are. The Ka Ta See tradition, an ancient shamanic tradition, is a rich, peaceful practice, creating a win-win-win for all concerned. Working with our spirit guides, I listen and am directed to bring balance physically, emotionally and spiritually, helping the body restore itself. Considering our thought patterns, habits, attitudes and blindly held beliefs, and the potential they have to show up as physical ailments, I am guided to help create new healthy patterns that honor where we are now.  I am grateful to do this work, as it continues to bring deeper understanding of our interconnectedness to ALL. This work can be done at a distance. For more information on Ka Ta See, please visit their website here.  Package of three sessions, is $150.00. 

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