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Freedom Farm and Stables

Empowerment and True Connection through the Way of the Horse

About Me

  It is my passion to share my journey of healing and self-discovery with others. The relationships I’ve built with my horses, family and community have shaped my path and have brought me to where I am today. 

It was a surprise to me to see how horses fit into my life. It began while searching for creative ways to help my son and I through some rough times. I found a therapist who worked with horses in her sessions where we both went for a time. Then soon after, I signed up for an apprenticeship at a local rescue ranch in Relational Horsemanship. Leading up to these choices to work with horses, I found Linda Kohanov’s books: The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds. Her books made me very aware of the healing process taking place at the rescue ranch, even though that was not the main focus of the training. Not only were we getting these horses ready for adoption, we were learning how to earn their trust, knowing that some came from terrible situations, which built confidence and mutual respect in both horse and human. I saw the potential this had to be utilized outside the barn in all our relationships. It wasn’t long after that I apprenticed in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) with Linda Kohanov in Arizona at Eponaquest Worldwide, gaining the knowledge to bring this to anyone who sees the horses as the magnificent sentient beings they are, and collaborate with them to reach higher potentials. 

For 20+ years now, I’ve been digging deeper to understand how to share what continues to unfold within me. Having studied other disciplines in the healing arts, I am committed to the practice of shamanism within the Ka Ta See tradition, an ancient, rich South American tradition that brings great depth to my practice, beautifully complimenting my horse work, and continuing to manifest deeper knowingness of myself. 

I have also gone through training with CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Prevention. This has been an eye-opening experience in how to work as a team when an individual is struggling to understand how to get their needs met. It has also reinforced in me the growth and knowledge I gained through trial and error learning to understand the needs of my family. It gave me confidence that I understand how to ease the building stress in escalating situations, preventing situations from getting out of hand, while also making it clear it is good to have a team that knows how to handle these situations as well. 

I am happy to say I now have a farm where I can grow my practice with my herd of three horses. Down the road, I plan to make it a retreat facility so people can come for workshops and stay on site.