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Empowerment and True Connection through the Way of the Horse

Examples of workshop ideas:


Authentic Beauty

 Authentic Beauty: Empowering Women in Changing Times. Working with horses can lead to powerful insights that honors the wisdom of the heart, the horse and our own authentic self. We will explore: developing true connection in every relationship, processing emotions in healthy ways, discovering the power of non-verbal communication, all while building confidence and leadership skills that are helpful in all relationships. Class sizes are limited.


Thriving Communities

 Thriving Communities: Horse Inspired Wisdom to Encourage Innovation, Leadership and Harmony. Cultivating the power of the herd, we create higher levels of awareness and responsibility. Some of the topics covered explore using emotions as information, non-verbal communication, boundaries and assertiveness, non-predatory power vs. predatory power, and consensual leadership. Class sizes are limited.  


Non-Violent Communication

Non-Violent Communication:  Harnessing the Non-Predatory Wisdom of the Horse. Exploring the nature of predatory vs non-predatory forms of power, we are more able to communicate our needs in ways that can be heard, instead of blocked.  Learn what it takes to have difficult conversations, understand the emotions that come up as information, allowing us to maintain a calm presence, and raise your assertiveness with out resorting to aggression.  

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