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Freedom Farm and Stables

Empowerment and True Connection through the Way of the Horse


"May our Earth hold you gently in her arms, May our Sun shine his warmth upon you, May you feel the Love of Creation, and know your place within it.”


Our entire lives are spent in relation to others.  How do you show up? Are you being what you think others want to see, or are you being YOU.  By being ourselves, our real authentic self, we honor the diversity that is so special and rich in our world.

Horses invite us to express our most authentic self in relationship within a safe environment of no judgement, giving us the confidence to bring it into ALL our relationships, into our communities and families where it's so important to create positive change for all.

Welcome to our website!  I am so excited to bring you along on my journey of discovery!  It’s a journey of deep understanding about ourselves and how we show up in the world.  Some of my most important teachers have been horses!  These magnificent, sentient beings have so much to teach, so much understanding of what it means to live authentically, we just need to stay open to what they have to say.

Along with the horses, I have lots of insights to share from my 20+ years of this spiritual awakening to who I am.  Besides the Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), I do restorative energy work and consulting to bring more joy, balance and satisfaction in our lives, aligning body, mind and spirit.  Please browse my sight to learn more about these exciting opportunities, and to see pictures of some of the horses here at Freedom Farm and Stable.

In Love and Song,

Angela Wilken, Eponaquest EFL Instructor, Ka Ta See Shamanic Practitioner

Mission Statement

 To honor our highest good: mine, yours, the animals, the land, our past, present and future.  To create a safe space enabling deeper understanding of who we are and our connection to those around us, reaching ever higher potentials.  Horse work is integral in our discoveries, allowing them to teach us about authenticity, acceptance and empowerment as is so embodied in who they are.  The vision for the farm is to create a retreat-like atmosphere that is sustainable, holistic, profitable and peaceful, giving back to the community through beauty and education.   


My first Energy session with Angie resonated with me for an entire month. The honesty, integrity and insight gave me much nutrition for my soul and body.
The sessions with Phantom anchored visually and in my body an understanding of "the pressure" all living beings feel between each other. This is a gift that will help me in all of my relationships.
To be able to work with such a large animal who gives feedback on each subtle movement I give is a wholesome practice for healthy communication.
I look forward to working with both Angie and Phantom soon and often💟
-Tracy B

Our needs continue to be met and exceeded.
It is difficult to express the depth of healing and connection that working with Angela, Phantom, Rocket, and Cinnamon has given my daughter and me. We have experienced renewed confidence in ourselves and clarity in our communication.
Having experienced trauma and transition, we were both struggling to understand everything we were feeling. Learning to acknowledge our feelings and work with the messages we receive from them is life changing.
My daughter was experiencing significant separation anxiety. She could not even tolerate being in a different room of the house than me. She was running to hide under the kitchen table if the dogs barked. She would not go outside alone at all.
She now moves freely throughout the entire house. She spends time on her own easily. She will go outside on her own.
This past weekend with my 2 year old niece, from my grandparents' house to my uncle and aunt's house. It was her idea to make the 1/2 mile walk down the driveway on their own. They had a blast on their big adventure!

— AA


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Freedom Farm and Stables

2105 Old State Road, Owensville, MO 65066, us

(573) 301-7864